If you would like more information on a miniature
schnauzer puppy please feel free to call Susan Jordan
936-856-5090 or 936-520-9297  
Or you can send us an email at

We accept credit or debit cards through Square!
"Don't forget to read
male vs. female
on info. page!!"
We only ship by United PetSafe
anywhere in the
USA & Canada
for an additional charge of  $350
which includes:
flight, crate & Vet health certificate.
We cannot ship until the pup is
8 weeks of age.
(Older pups that weigh more
are going to cost $450 to ship!)
All the Puppies I sell
will always have a home with me
in the event that you have to give
up your puppy.
I will find them a good home!
"No shelters please!"
"We also offer
Hand Delivery
for $500
especially for our
(Price of Puppies are determined by size, coat, color & lastly age!)
"We do not offer
ear cropping.
We are not against it.
We just feel it is up to
the individual & should
be done when
the pup is older
by a vet."
If you would like to
brag about your Schnauzer
or tell us how much you
love our Schnauzers or
even get advice
you can click on our blog

We would love to hear
from you!
"We have 29 Teacup, Toy & Miniature Schnauzer
Puppies for sale!
6 Reduced! 23 Ready to go!
"All pups if small
may be ready
later than the
8 week date
we show as ready!"

It could be
10-14 weeks
especially with
Teacups &
"I don't touch up my
in any way
so what you see is
what you get
Red eye and all!"
We welcome
Deposits on
upcoming litters
Pups not ready to
go yet!
Deposits are         
"Forget diamonds, don't even
think about flowers!
.....But everyone Loves
Chocolate (puppies)!
Especially since they are fat
but not fatning...lol!"
My Raylan as a pup!
Bred right here at DMP
Son of Dooney & Romeo
"By Texas State Law
we cannot sell
a pup before 8 weeks
of age!"
"Give the Gift of Love...
Puppy Love!"
"Breeding rights
do not come
reduced priced pups.
You may get breeding
rights for an
additional charge
on some pups."
Wheaton Parti Merle Female Toy 7 lbs.
Blue Merle Female Teacup
"All our Miniature Schnauzer Puppies
come Pre-Spoiled!"
Teacup, Toy &
Miniature Schnauzer
Blue Merle Parti Male Toy 6-7 lbs.
Shiny Dark Black Toy Male
Sorry I don't have all
pups groomed &
individual pictures
taken! Please bear
with me:-)
If you are local please
come visit & meet the pups
in person. It will take a
while for me to get caught
up & get the pups on our
Blue Merle Male Toy
Chocolate Parti Merle Female Teacup 5 lbs.
All our older pups
have reduced prices!
We have
possible litters
due from
Aspen, Karmen
& Cartier
July & August!
Dream Maker's Puppies
Miniature Schnauzer Nursery
Dark Chocolate Parti Female Toy
Dark Chocolate Parti Female Toy
London Pup!
Pebbles & Fossil
Silver Parti Toy Female
Daisy & Maverick
Chocolate Merle Parti Female
Tcup to Small Toy
Dark Chocolate Parti Female Teacup
Chocolate Male Teacup
Sold! Congrats
Jessica of MS
Blue Merle Female Teacup 6 lbs.
Black & Silver Merle Teacup 5-6 lbs.
2 Blue Eyes!
Chocolate Male Toy 8 lbs.
Chocolate Male Toy 10 lbs.
Blue Eyes!
Blue Eyes!
Sold! Congrats
Ramona of
"We think she is deaf!"
Sold! Congrats
Ehman Family
(Return Customers!)
Sold! Congrats
Elkins Family
Sold! Congrats
Johnson Family
(Return Customers!)
Sold! Congrats
Jones Family
Daisy & Ghost
Born 9/30/17
Blue Merle Parti Female Micro-Teacup 3 lbs.
1 Blue eye! "A real spitfire!" full of energy
Sold! Congrats
Jordan Family
1 Black Parti Male Toy
Maddie & Beaux
Born 10/12/17
Prissy & Cash
Born 2/10/18
1 Platinum Chocolate Male Small Toy
(1 Blue eye & 1 hazel eye)
Gabby & Spartacus
Born 2/1/18
1 Liver-Pepper Male Toy
Dolce & Romeo
Born 3/7/18
Sold! Congrats
Jeff & Jamie
Pebbles & Maverick
Born 4/19/18
Chocolate & Tan Micro
T-cup Female $3500
Fendi & Dreamer
Born 4/20/18
3 Chocolate Females $3200
"Blue Eyes!"
*1 Sold to Regina $3000
Sold! Congrats
Smith Family
(Return Customers!)
Sold! Congrats
Barton Family
2 Chocolate & Tan Toy Males $2500
1 Chocolate & Tan Tcup Female $3200
1 Black & Silver Toy Male $2500
*1 Black & Silver Female $2500
Sold! Congrats Hilda
Brandi & Elvis
Born 4/15/18
Stormi & Diamond
Born 4/23/18
Maddie & Beaux
Born 4/24/18
Cartier & Trig
Born 1/28/18
Chocolate & Tan Male Small Toy
Dory & Fossil
Born 5/1/18
Confetti & Dreamer
Born 5/5/18
1 Chocolate Merle Male $2800
1 Chocolate Female Tcup $3000
1 Black Parti Female Tcup $2500
White Female Teacup
Black Female Toy w/ 1 Blue Eye
Phanni & Maverick
Born 3/30/18
Wheaton Female Toy
Chocolate & Tan Phantom Flashy Female Toy

2 Salt & Pepper Females Toys $2500
(1 female has 1 blue eye!)
1 Black & Silver Female Teacup $3200
Sold! Congrats
Villarreal Family
Sold! Congrats
Sanders Family
Sold! Congrats
Sold! Congrats
Swearingen Family
Sold! Congrats
Maria of FL
(Return Customer!)
Sold! Congrats
Laborde Family
(Return Customers!)
Sold! Congrats
Tanner Family

(Return Customers!)
Maggie & Raylan
Born 5/29/18
Black & Silver Phantom Parti Male Toy
Black Male Micro-Teacup
Salt & Pepper Mini Male
Silver Male Toy (2 Blue Eyes!)
Black & Silver Phantom Teacup Female