6 lb. Chocolate Merle Parti Female Teacup
(2 blue eyes!)
(Daughter of Cinnamon & Hershey!)
Dream Maker's Puppies
Merle Gene

Merle is a dilution gene, it lightens whatever the color coat would
have been.  The lightening is not spread evenly over the coat, but
leaves patches of undiluted color scattered over the dog's body.
Merle gives a mottled or uneven speckled effect. Most breeds with
Merle coats also typically have white markings (such as around the
neck, under the belly, and on the legs), the white is separate from the

In addition to altering the base coat color, Merle also modifies eye
color and the coloring on the nose and paw pads. The Merle gene can
modify the dark pigment in the eyes,  changing dark eyes to blue or
part of the eye to blue. You can also have a solid colored dog with
blue eyes (who is by a Merle) who has no other Merle markings, the
blue eyes are it's Merle marker. In none of these cases will the dogs
vision be affected. Color on the nose and paw pads may be mottled
pink and black.

Spotted or Leopard: Spotted is a Merle who has a lot of dark big
spots on the dog. Leopard is a dog with a lot of small dark spots on
them. You can also have a dog with both markings. These 2 terms
work with all colors of Merles.
"Bonnie" Blue
blue merle
In Memory
Cocoa "Pebbles"

Toy 11 lb.
Blue Merle
Chocolate Merle
Wheaton Merle
"These are some of our Merle Puppies that we have produced!"
Chocolate Merle
Toy 11 lb. Male
( Son of Pebbles & Romeo)
Wheaton Merle Teacup Female
( daughter of Bonnie & Romeo)
"Navi"Blue Jeans
4 yr. old Blue Merle Mini 12 lb. Female
Very loving & sweet, real special girl!
Elli Mae
Blue Merle Female Teacup 4 lbs.
(Daughter of Bonnie & Trig)
Is too small to breed:(!
My son, Josh's dog
Blue Merle Male Teacup
2 blue eyes!
(Son of Bonnie & Trig)
Bonnie now lives a mile
up the road with
Johnny's parents!
Dream Maker's "Greek God"
Dream Maker's "Hill-Billy Girl"

Blue merle
male mini 12 lb.
The spitting image of her mom, Cinnamon,
when she was a pup!
Parti Merle
Adopted by the
Baker Family!
Rare Merle Schnausers
936-856-5090 or 936-520-9297
Chocolate Merle
7 lb. Toy Female
Dream Maker's
"Coat of Many Colors"
Dream Maker's
My Fair Lady
Dream Maker's
"Easter Egg"
Blue Merle Female Toy 7 lbs.
Blue Merle Female Toy 11 lbs.
(Daughter of Bliss & Giorgio!)
Puff Daddy