Another Hot Summer!

Right now it is so hot we have to bring all the pups in for a siesta during the hottest part of the day. If we get an afternoon or even rain then it is just more back & forth carrying the pups in & out.
It is really slow right now, I guess everyone is on vacation…lucky them! I can’t remember the last time we got to go on a vacation…it is the nature of the business, kinda like running a dairy. At least we aren’t in a serious drought right now. I won’t give up my babies for all the vacations in the world! Sometimes though, I wish we could go away over night.

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4 Responses to Another Hot Summer!

  1. Holly Tustin says:

    Hi! love all of your schnauzers!!! They are absolutely beautiful! Your pics of your shnauzies and family are so sweet!! I’ve been looking for another schnauzer and when its time … I am definitely contacting you first!! God Bless

  2. Ann Pierce says:

    I bought one of Hershey’s & Heidi’s female puppies back in April after our neighbors dog killed my little schnauzer. I just wanted to let you know that we named her Zoe Zane and she is the highlight our life. She gets along well with our older Schnauzer that is 15 and has to sleep in the bed with us every night. I just had her spayed yesterday and she is doing well. When she has her first birthday party I will send you pics. Thanks again for our baby. Ann Pierce

  3. elaine morris says:

    i have just had my first litter of schnauzer i live in the uk i have 4 white and 2 black one of the white girls looks creamy compered to the others i have been looking on your site to see if i can see her coloring in one of your puppies . her dad is a liver pepper and mum is black but carries the white gene we have a web page my name is bazzaine we live in Wiltshire i was wondering if you could explain the coloring as i have been reading up on false whites may be i read too much and confuse myself

    • Administrator says:

      Elaine, I have had several pups come out cream colored. They are still white or white chocolate depending on if the nose is brown or not.

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