Keep those Comments coming!

Well, thanks for all the comments! I hope y’all enjoy this blog. I’m not really a writer but I try! Give me an A for effort:-) Many people ask me about potty training their pups when they buy them. I think the best way is to kennel train them & let them sleep with you if you are a light sleeper like I am. If you are consistent they will be trained in no time. The bell on the back door is very helpful also.

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7 Responses to Keep those Comments coming!

  1. Samantha says:

    Is Gucci still available?

  2. Gary & Pat Buckner says:

    We love our black and silver 5 year old Mitzy! She needs a playmate. We love the chocolate/white parti-color puppies, but since I am presently unemployed, we cannot swing the full price. What causes some of the puppies to be reduced in price, and do you have any minis in this color that would be at a lower price?

    • Administrator says:

      We reduce prices when we have some that get older so that they can find a good home also! Sometimes we have mini size over 12 lbs. & they usually start at around $800.

  3. Natalya says:


    I’m the one who got the chocolate toy schnauzer that you donated to “Lungs for Luke”. Just wanted to let you know that he is doing great and I couldn’t be happier! I’m obsessed with him to say the least. And I ended up naming him Cash! Just wanted to give you guys a little update on the little guy!

    • Administrator says:

      I’m so glad “Cash” got a good home. Luke’s grandmother called & told me she has visited him in your office & that you take him to work every day. That is so great! Thanks for letting us know:)

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