Schnauzers are the Best!

Hey guys! Has it been hot or what? I created this blog so all you fellow teacup, toy & mini schnauzer lovers could brag on your babies or ask questions & share information!

Talk to ya soon, Susan:0)

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  1. Debra Roddy says:

    I am Wanting to buy a Mini Schnauzer or a Schnauzer !!! I Live in McDonough, GA 30252 and have been wanting one for a while now and can’t find one. I LOVE DOGS and had a Cocker Spaniel,” Dusty” from 6 weeks old until he passed away at age 12 years old in 2009 and My Heart has been Broken but now I am Fully Ready for a Schnauzer !!! My sister-in law has one and I Fell in Love with Her on Thanksgiving Day 2011 and Want to Get One for Our Family. I am a 58 year old Married Female, My Husband is 59 years old and Our Daughter,age 34 yrs old and Our 13 year Old Grandaughter live with us. We are All in Agrement that We want a Schnauzer or a Mini-Schnauzer of Our Own. Do You Have Any Now? If so, My Name is Debra Roddy and my Telephone # is 678-517-2722. We Will Give Our Doggy a Wonderful Home !!!! I Prefer a Boy but a Girl would be okay also because I will be having Him or Her Spayed or Neutered when Old Enough. My Dog’s have always had all of their Shots and are placed on Heart Worm Preventative and the Flea and Tick Repellant that goes on their backs. I Beleive in Caring for My Pet as if He or She were a Child. Please let me know if You have One and how Much the Cost is.
    Thank You,
    Debra Roddy 678-519-2722 or email addess.

    • Lyk says:

      The simplest and most huamne solution is to have a bark softening procedure done.Incorrectly called debarking it really is just a unadorned procedure done under anasthesiawhere two tiny holes are place in the vocal chords. It takes only about five minutes.What you will have to do is keep your dogs silent for a few weeks with the procedure or itwill not work.I know many responsible pet owners that do this so that their life is peaceful and that of their neighbors.This is far more huamne then yelling, screaming, spraying or doing any of the other silly things to get the dog to be silent.Here is some real information on the procedure- Q: What is debarking? A: This is a surgical procedure to reduce bandanna in the vocal chords. Some vets use a punch to take out bandanna. Other surgeons make cuts of unreliable sizes and I have heard of some using a laser. The goal of the surgery is to decrease the volume of the dog’s bark and the ability of the bark to carry over a wide area.Q: Does debarking take out the dog’s ability to bark? A: No. Debarked dogs take up again to bark. What debarking does is to decrease the volume of the bark so that it does not carry for miles around. Q: Is the surgery always successful?A: Sometimes scar bandanna forms and heavy barkers will become louder than when first debarked. The skill of the veterinarian is also a factor. Q: Is this a cruel and barbaric procedure? A: No. People with small or no experience raising naturally noisy and talkative breeds may tell you this. People with breeds like Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) can tell you that this procedure is unadorned and that it saves lives of dogs that might otherwise be dumped in the pound for their barking. Debarking is a more unadorned procedure than removing the uterus in spaying or removing testicles in neutering. Q: Do dogs suffer emotionally from debarking? A: It is a huge myth to suggest dogs are emotionally disturbed by debarking. Debarked dogs can bark. Even if reduced sound comes out of their mouths, they don’t seem to notice at all! Debarked dogs that are not being constantly disciplined for barking, in fact, tend to be much more pleased dogs!ADD: The vet that does bark softening procedures where I live only charges $ 150 for the procedure

    • Emilio says:

      This was a very interesting arltice. I myself have a miniature schnauzer (now a little over 1 years old) that I’ve had since he was 3 months old. We got him from a breeder who feed him organically and home made his food since the time he was born. I chose to start him on Orijen mainly from my own research on the ingredients and after advice from my friends. A month after having him I talked to a client about her schnauzer who had many health problems that required hospilization and lots of medication. She warned me about a dog food that she purchased that was very expensive, top of the line , sold at PetSmart. I, of course, cannot remember the name! I’ve been warned about Science Diet (which I believe has a formula specifically for Schnauzers) and If i were to guess which one I thought it was BLue Buffalo because the only thing I can remember is her saying something about Blue Ribbon’ or First Ribbon’. Any knowledge on a particular brand that has been feared of being harmful to shnauzers? I recently went and saw the Royal Canin for Schnauzers and was sceptical.Also, I know that for something being organic’ it should also be locally grown which Orijen is not considering it is from Canada (And i live in the South) should i switch to something more centralized to where I live or know of anyone/website who can give me some answers? In short the main reason for my concern is that he has really bad allergies that include constant Sneezing,skin dryness, coarse hair and a dull coat. I know that this may mean he is allergic to something in our home (good luck with that right?). He’s typically has always had this issue but it’s worsened (high pollen counts maybe?) but my concern is his food because I know how crucial Schnauzers diets are to their health and since they are prone to allergies and dry skin. Maybe there is something i’m missing. Could you help me out?

  2. Chesna says:

    I have a Dreammakers Schnauzer, Sophie whom I love dearly. I can’t say enough about Susan and the quality of dog she produces.
    Sophie is going to be six months old Friday. What a joy she is.

    • Willard says:

      I always look froward to your posts LOL entertaining. I agree that you really have that special ability to relate your experiences in such a funny way brings back some of my memories., plus in most instances, I can relate. I really enjoy your writing and will keep on reading. Thank you for sharing. But seriously, you let a 15lb dog punk you? too funny lol

    • Tatiana says:

      This is not a discipline issue, colrals, sprays and the like will not fix the problem; they may make the dog worried to bark and learn to associate being with you with pain, but subdue wont fix the problem. The fist step is get a well check on the dog by your vet, the advice you receive from a excellent vet will be worth every penny. Dogs bark because they are worried, nervous, bored or want concentration. If the barking stops when you pick the dog up then I would guess its concentration or bored.Take her for a nice long (more than a mile prefereably two) and vigorous walk, every day. This will get out her energy, lets her explore; and it lets her have that whole bonding pack dog experience as you and both the dogs patrol the locality. If she is poorly trained you will need a excellent collar that allows you to help teach her to walk on a leash. Teaching your dog to walk properly on a leash and obey commands is absolutely necessary for both of you to be safe.I would highly recommend a local obedience school, not only will they help you train the dog to be a better member of the household but your dog will get to interact with other dogs and you will get to interact with other local dog owners and maybe plot some dog days at a local park. Your vet can recommend the best schools in your area.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Heidi and Hersey’s babies are so cute. I have a six month old teacup chihuahua that only weighs 1 lb 12 oz. I’m wanting to find her a playmate around her size. The tiny one is perfect! I’m not able to get a new puppy just yet but if you have any tiny schnauzers like this one in the future keep me updated. My daughter absolutely loves schnauzers.

    • Elif says:

      I judge due to the hoarding and the lack of menatl stimulation, this dog likely barks out of habit (now) and it most likely started out of boredom. She is used to a pack without much human training and she has learned this from the pack. Harms can not be fixed straight away, your comment When she barks, I need to place a stop to it straight away. is not going to happen right now. It is going to take correction constantly. When she irrevocably facts out what you want and this is unacceptable I judge it will stop at smallest amount to a controllable level. I have had the same problem and recently adopted a chihuahua. I now have 4 dogs. When the chi came the volume went up along with frequency. She has been with us for about 1.5 months and irrevocably the crazy barking has stopped. But .when it starts, I say no barking! and shhhhh with finger to lips. (I have a deaf dog so this is her indicate and the others learn these signals also).You must be dillegent in your correction. Ultimately it will work out. Take this dog to all your neighbors and introduce them. Let your neighbors know the background of this dog and that you are in training. Question them to call you if the barking is bothersome so they know you are sincere in your training. Question them to be patient as this is a new addition and will take her some time to learn all the new rules and the catch on to the human pack leader.Sure hope this helps!! Be positive. Be persistant. NEVER NEVER HIT. This dog needs to know he can trust you and hitting him will only teach him you are not worthy of trust. Be gentle. This dog has never had human leadership. Make it excellent for him!

  4. Sue says:

    checking things out

    • Ramazan says:

      Excellent !! Tee mental imegas were playing in my mind as I readLoved the segue from the dog to human beings. Brilliant!! I found myself giggling out loud. You are gifted with the ability to relate storiies and events in an uniquely funny way. I know GH. Lol. Thanks for sharing. WRITE ON. !!!!Fran

    • Aslan says:

      Angelica,It was nice to hear from you and I sympathize with the cncoerns about your dog’s health. Sorry I am not much help on breed specific dog food, although there were some interesting comments by William D. Cusick in his book Canine Nutrition Revised.’ He ties breed origins with food grown in those climates as being most ideal for a specific breed. Since Schnauzers originated in Europe, maybe wurst/beef & pork, barley/grains and potatoes are most agreeable with them? Frankly, I a believe a fresh, natural food diet is best for all dogs and side with holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists who have concluded that many of our pets health problems from allergies to cancer, stem from poor nutrition poor nutrition resulting from the preservatives found in all packaged and even store bought, so called fresh wet dog food. Mostly because of convenience, we have fed Molly kibbles from the bag. But, if we reduce the overall amount of preservatives she eats, she will undoubtedly have better health. Over the last six months I have been giving Molly about a 50-50 diet of fresh food and kibbles. I also monitor her stools to see that they are normal. I don’t know if it is because of this diet change from 100% kibbles, but she seems to be scratching less (same flea treatment regimen) and her coat is shinier than ever. When fixing fresh oatmeal for my breakfast (unsalted), I make extra for Molly. For her, I combine 3/4 cup lightly cooked oatmeal, 1 large egg, 1 tablespoon tuna fish with oil and 1/3 cup fresh frozen peas. Sometimes cooked, whole grain brown rice is substituted for the oatmeal and 1/3 cup chicken or beef meat is substituted for the tuna. She still gets high end kibbles for dinner, but which do you think she likes best? I hope this helps. Best wishes in having a healthy Schnauzer!Terry

  5. Natalie says:

    I purchased my Schnauzer from Dreammakers & while he is the light of my life & I absolutely adore him, I think you should be more careful & precise when determining size/price. I paid $800 & his estimated weight was 8-9 lbs. I understand this is an estimation, but he weighs 14 lbs & is just under a year. I have seen 14 lb schnauzers for $500 or less on your site, so I am a bit disappointed that most of my savings that summer went towards a highly inaccurate estimation. I do love love love my dog, and he is very trained, spoiled, and healthy. He was bread with quality and has been kept well with regular vet visits and groomings. I just thought I’d point that out so future customers can get a more accurate guess of how much their puppies will weigh.

    • Administrator says:


      I am very sorry your pup turned out bigger than expected but it is only an estimation. They can slow down & stop growing or they can go through a growth spurt. We can only go by the size the pup is at the time of purchase. It definitely is not a science:-) But I’m glad you still love your pup & take good care of him. We just got a pup back last week that was suppose to be 10-11 lbs. & at 6 months old the pup is only 5 lbs. & she was wanting to breed her so we took her back & gave my friend a pup that will hopefully be larger for her to breed. Like I said, you just never know for sure!

  6. Kacie Bosysworth says:


    My name is Kacie and my husband and I are looking for me a micro/teacup Schnauzer to go with his giant Schnauzer we will be getting in a month or two, to complete our little family. I am looking for small I don’t want her to get over 9/10 lbs really. I love seeing all your sweet babies on your page and would like more info on the upcoming litter :) Thank you and God Bless

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