A New Year!

I can’t believe it is already 2012! I have been sooo busy. We have about 50 pups right now. We had like 6 litters in a 2 week period. Talk about CRAZY! They are keeping me jumping. But it is so worth it. I think the pups meet a maternal need of mine since my children are grown & almost grown. I would love to have another baby but lets face it at 45 I’m too old….lol! Johnny always says,”Think how old we would be when they finally move out!” Sometimes I think I’m ready for the empty nest & other times I know I will miss the heck out of my boys & their friends:0)

Back to schnauzers. Now is a great time to pick out a schnauzer while there are so many to choose from. We have almost every color! OMG! Bliss’s pups are so stinking cute! They are little balls of fur(opps! I mean hair) Schnauzers don’t have fur, they have hair like people have. I think everyone needs a schnauzer puppy! They are in the top 10 smartest dogs, they don’t shed & are hypoallergenic for people with asthma & allergies. I have a little female schnauzer we call Tootsie & she is 16 weeks old & weighs less then 2 lbs. she is sooo tiny & has huge ears…lol:0)

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  1. Madhosingh says:

    CaitlinI just happened to stlbume upon your site looking for encouraging weight loss blogs, it is now bookmarked! I loove your puppies! I have a miniature pinscher who has parts of each of your dogs personalities in one cute little bundle. She’s pretty much afraid of everything, loves barking and destroying things I really wish she wouldn’t (think my underwear so upsetting!) and EVERYDAY I come home she follows me into the bathroom, it’s like her habit. I also got her at petland and had no idea what they did when the puppies were there to long. She was there for a LOONG time until I finally bought her (she was on sale she was there so long), knowing that she may have been days away from being sent back makes me tear up, I had to go over to her and have a cuddle session with her when I read that. ANYWAY now that this is a book, I just felt the urge to comment on this. My dog is definitely my life, I don’t know what I’d do without her. I don’t want to give into petland and other stores like them, but if they puppies end up being put down because their not being sold I want to go in and take all of them. It’s a catch 22. OH MY GOSH! I just made the book into a novel, I’m sorry, I’m done!

  2. Ujala says:

    CaitlinYour lucky he hasn’t destroyed any! My liltte girl unfortunately has good taste (gross pun NOT intended)and goes right for my more expensive Victoria Secret undies. It’s so frustrating! I rarely shop there and as soon as I do there she goes! She’s gotten out of the habit recently thank goodness!P.S. I’m using your blog as an inspiration to get me to lose all this gross weight I’ve gained since high school (so upsetting!)but I can’t seem to get myself motivated. I’ve tried with no success and I feel like there’s just no hope. Any advice? I’d love to start running especially now the weathers getting cooler, I’m in South Florida so by cooler I mean 88 instead of 95.

  3. Miriam says:

    I loved reading your novel girfrrl! I can totally understand your torn feelings of having gotten a puppy farm puppy. I feel simultaneous shame and guilt for both having contributed to the business, but also to the fact that I love Harry so much that I can’t say I wouldn’t do it again! I know it’s not like I knew what Petland was like when I got him but still ah well.Daxter has a baaaad habit of pulling my undies out of the laundry basket too. What is WITH that?! Luckily none have been destroyed though yet.

  4. Esterine says:

    It’s such a shame nobody has continued using Susan’s Blog. What a great way to resolve some queries you may have or share quirky behaviours your schnauzer amuses you with. Each Schnauzer is so unique in its own little way as has been my experience.
    They are very much in tune with their environment and the people they share their lives with!
    One could even cultivate a strength their Schnauzer has displayed. It’s time to sharpen the pencil and get the camera clicking. Could be fun! Who will be first?

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